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The biggest buzz about teaching young people is seeing them achieve something beyond their own dreams!

Paul H-B

I am 40 years old and have been working in the creative industries for nearly 20 years now! I’m a family man blessed with 5 kids and a talented musical wife to share the journey with.

I was born in Blackburn, Lancashire into a very quiet world due to profound deafness. It was corrected by an operation when I was 4 years old and ever since then music and sound has always fascinated me. My ears took the lead on what became an aurally led musical journey.

I studied on the Lancashire Music Foundation course which introduced me to a world of musical amazingness and to the world of Music Production! I studied Piano, Trumpet, Voice and Music Production but I decided very early on that I would be travelling the production road and luckily nearly 20 years on I’m still doing what I love. I have written music for digital media, theatre, film and TV.

As creative types do I have also ventured into the world of tuition, graphic design, video production, theatre and IT.

I managed an IT department in the early 2000’s and was responsible for the building and repair of thousands of pc’s

In 2005 I created the first West Highlands RocksKool group for young people, based in Kinlochleven High School, and it is still going strong some 15 years later.

I have worked as a professional actor and toured with Eden Court Theatre and Bright Productions on several occasions

In 2008/09 I designed and led a new music department and micro studio for our local college based in Fort William.

As a result of my colourful and exciting past I have an vast array of skills I can apply that fit perfectly into the fast moving world of production & digital creativity.

I look forward to working with you.

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